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Analytical and data-driven.

Analytical and data-driven. Multi-award-winning.

Business Insight is the power tool our specialists use for financial due diligence.

How it all started. Two companies,
inextricably linked.

A powerful partnership

Business Insight is a subsidiary of Sincerius. Since its founding in 2010, Sincerius has gathered a unique team of business intelligence and financial experts. Forty specialists – from BI and finance consultants to data and software engineers – work together to provide clients with multidisciplinary services. Their backgrounds range from accountancy and M&A to data science and even meteorology.

Created by sugeng riyantofrom the Noun Project

Nominations and awards

We’re proud of the recognition Sincerius has received, not just from clients but from peers. The M&A Awards are the leading accolades in the Dutch dealmaking world. Sincerius has been nominated every year since 2016. We won Best Transaction Services Advisor in 2018, 2021 and 2022.

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Live stream or snapshot

Business Insight was born after we got the same request from multiple Sincerius customers who’d received reports. “Can we get real-time insights in the same format? Like a live stream instead of a photograph?” We thought that was a great idea.

Created by sugeng riyantofrom the Noun Project

A rare combination

Partnering with colleagues in financial due diligence yields a rare blend of analytical and financial expertise. The teams in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are pragmatic yet perfectionist. They spot opportunities and threats fast. Top-quality administration is guaranteed. Skills and knowledge are always up-to-the-minute.

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