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Release Notes

Enhanced interface, visualization, connectivity, security, performance, and bug fixes

Mei, 2024 updates

Dashboard new feature

January, 2024 updates

Release notes May 13, 2024

New Data Refresh Button
A new button has been added to the BI dashboard called ‘Update Data’. With this convenient button,
users can now fetch data from the accounting systems themselves, ensuring access to the most real-
time data. Instead of waiting for daily updates, almost all data is now always up-to-date. This is
especially useful towards the end of the quarter when data is constantly changing.

Customize Your Own Account Mappings

Business Insight now offers the feature to classify general ledger accounts yourself. Previously, this
had to be forwarded to your contact person at Business Insight to then be manually uploaded, but
now our users have complete control over it themselves. This saves time and effort!

Faster Import Forms

Thanks to improvements, Business Insight’s import forms can now handle even larger amounts of
data. You can now easily add budgets and FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) information alongside your
figures, even from different administrations. This feature is now faster than ever, supporting more than
100,000 lines.


We continuously strive for improvement and are always open to feedback to enhance our features.
Do you have ideas for missing features? Let us know via kooijman@sincerius.nl.

What’s next

In the coming period, our team will be working on an improved Forecasting P&L (Profit and Loss).
With this, our users can apply formulas to the data to analyse different scenarios. Additionally, we are
working on the ability to add comments to management reports. This allows users to communicate
directly about the data, and the comments will also be visible when the reports are downloaded. Keep
an eye out for our next release notes! 

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